Bad bride

I got married more than 4 years ago. I still haven’t gotten my wedding albums. I have felt tremendous guilt because my husband keeps asking me… when are they coming. I recently contacted my wedding photographer about getting them done.. after all they are paid for. I figure it will take some time considering there were nearly 3,000 photos taken that day. SO I went ahead and just slapped one together online. How times have changed. When I got married in 2008… the photo book was just kicking off. Next thing you know we’ll have brides popping out of cakes in 3-D.Well, let’s hope not. That could be borderline tacky.

Hopefully this below will suffice til the real deal arrives. Pretty cool that you can make books now and share them on social platforms.

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8 Responses to “Bad bride”

  1. Vi says:

    Hey at least you finally got around doing yours. I have yet to create ours a s it’s been 6 years!

  2. admin says:

    vi! that makes me feel better LOL!

  3. In the end, you may love your book, more than the Pros.

  4. pattyrowland says:

    beautiful!!!! xoxoxo

  5. Rusty says:

    Very nice! As a part-time photographer, it’s been my experience that, more times than not, the couple is anxious for their photos — often expecting them earlier than promised. I’ve never had a client pay, and then not order the books for 4 years (smile). The good thing here, is that your photographer still has the photos (especially such a large number). Sounds like you now have the momentum to squash the guilt and get the photos. Awesome pics — enjoy!

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