Birthday Invitation Etiquette

And what do you think about this? It was in the birthday party invitation for a 3 year old my sister just got. Show of hands who think Emily Post is turning in her grave.

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12 Responses to “Birthday Invitation Etiquette”

  1. Jamie Mabry says:

    I think Emily Post is probably standing on her head!! Do you think a 3 year old even knows what a Visa gift card is??? I hope not!!! I think this is just awful!!!

  2. Kamari says:

    Wow….! No words!

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  4. Jackie Jolly Smith says:

    O’ my goodness! That is in such BAD TASTE! What are parents teaching thier kids these days and what example are they setting? Makes me sad/worried to think about what the next generation will be like? Sad 🙁

  5. Natalie says:

    Klassy…with a K. That’s pretty bold.

  6. Jennifer says:

    Completely inappropriate! The child is 3 for goodness sakes!
    And people wonder why children are so spoiled these days….

  7. Jenny says:

    Tacky is not the right word. Rude sums it up.

  8. Patty says:

    Lately I’ve started wondering if our society is starting to go nuts. I just don’t understand what people are thinking. I consider this just another example…..

  9. lily says:

    I told mommy that I only wanted Amex cards. I agree…Visa. How tacky!

  10. patty.rowland says:

    oh, that’s terrible…maybe they should ask for cash so they can start a college fund since this 3 year old probably won’t marry rich!!!!!

  11. Judging by most behavior in the digital world, Emily Post is dead. Why I’ll bet you can’t even get her on a Kindle.

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