BUMP OR DUMP: LBD… well kinda

This is as close to an LBD we’re gonna get. Ruched black, spandexy dress by Isabella Oliver accented with Stella & Dot Nolita necklace made of┬ásparkly strands!

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22 Responses to “BUMP OR DUMP: LBD… well kinda”

  1. April says:

    You look great! Love it all!

  2. Kamari says:

    I love it!!! Form-fitting is definitely the way to go. The necklace is a nice touch. xo

  3. Jerry says:


    A definite bump!

    Everything looks good on you! How do you do it!?

  4. Erica says:

    You are wearing that dress! Looking great and the Nolita Necklace is just the right touch!

  5. Dion C Gauthier says:

    Always Bump it u look gorgeous in everything u wear 2days is 1 of best so far necklace goes perfectly

  6. Great look for you, Angie!


  7. Patrick J. Fee says:

    C’omon, Angie, you ROCK everything you wear, babybump or not…

  8. Rock that necklace! You make Stella & Dot look so good!

  9. busdriver179 says:

    Personally, I never thought spandex was for maternity wear…but you look wonderful!

  10. Lisa Gibson says:

    I’m loving it! Ahh LBD takes me back to our girlie days! XOXO. Go Cocks!

  11. Roman says:

    How about a rear pic too?

  12. Portia Guerin says:

    Flaunt those curves. Everything looks good on you!

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