Clothes Purging: Tips to let go

Here’s round #3 of my great closet clean-out. Today it was about tackling the blazers. Here’s my latest stack that includes a black leather jacket. I’ve decided to send this stack to Dress for Success DC…. since they give interview appropriate clothes to women in need applying for jobs.

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I found this article helpful in finding ways to part with my stuff. Below are some questions you can ask yourself if you feel inspired to purge your clothes in time for Fall!

Org Junkie’s Tips for Parting With Your Clothes

1.  If you haven’t worn something in a year then out it goes regardless of condition, price or size.  Why a year?  Because you cover every season in that period of time.  If you haven’t worn it during the year, you probably never will.

2.  If you have a piece of clothing that you wear but are annoyed with it every time you do, seriously stop it.

3.  If it’s waiting to be mended and it’s been waiting for a long time then enough is enough already.

4.  If you hate to iron and your ironing pile sits there totally neglected while you wear all your favorite clothing over and over again, why do you still have an ironing pile?

5.  I’m not opposed to keeping your “skinny” clothes (and I know we all do it) but for goodness sakes you don’t need to keep all of it.  Styles change, your tastes change, your body shape changes so chances are good that when you get back to that size you’re going to want new stuff anyway.

6.  If you absolutely love a shirt but never wear it because you have nothing to wear it with, well guess what, a mate isn’t going to magically appear in the night.  Follow the one year rule.

7.  Sentimental clothes that you aren’t wearing shouldn’t reside in your closet.   Either take a picture of it and preserve the memory or limit yourself to one tote of “clothes to show my kids so they can laugh their heads off at me someday”.

8.  Don’t hang onto something that is “just alright” because you don’t have something better yet to replace it.  Let it go now unless it means you go naked, that wouldn’t be right.

9.  You don’t have to do it all at once.  Like I did try it in stages and be motivated by your success.  One day you could do shirts, the next day shorts, etc..

10.  Try everything on.  This one I can’t stress enough.  Do not hold something up and say oh this is so beautiful I’m going to keep it.  That’s too easy and what you might not remember is that, although it’s beautiful, the buttons gape at the front showing off your woman parts.  Nope we don’t want that now do we.  Get rid of it.

11.  You only have the space that you do.  Jamming your clothes into the closet and fighting with them every single day to find what you need won’t make your closet grow in the night.  It will only make you grumpy…every single day.  It’s not worth it.

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8 Responses to “Clothes Purging: Tips to let go”

  1. Melody says:

    Great post, Angie! I’ve been purging here and there. This has motivated me to tackle my closet this weekend with even more gusto. :)

  2. lisa says:

    I love the orange jacket w pearls! :)

    • admin says:

      I know right! I felt so bad but I just couldn’t keep this stuff anymore… I know in the Fall I’ll want something new.. so that was a way to help me say goodbye!

  3. Deb Lee says:

    Love that you’re purging and getting organized, Angie! Dressed for Success is a great organization and I’m sure they’ll appreciate the donation. =)

  4. This was our project last weekend, and wow what a relief! Thanks for the great tips Angie. Ended up donated a car load of decent stuff to Goodwill. Lots of ‘shake my head’ moments. The result: We were able to open up TWO attic rooms and spread out our items crammed in one room into separate rooms with room to spare. I love it and wish I had done this a year ago when we moved into our new digs.

    • admin says:

      Oh I feel like your closets have been a never ending story! ha! Glad that I could help out– it really is a task. Two attic rooms… hmmm. I still got some leftovers.. you got some extra space for a sister 😉

  5. I remember some of the clothes on that pile.

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