Darrell Green in the house Sunday

Hey all! One of my favorite people is in the house Sunday joining us for the 9AM show. Hall of Famer and Redskins great Darrell Green is stopping by to talk about his newest plan to get you people fit! As someone still struggling with that last 5 pounds of baby weight I am all ears. I signed up for Walk Fit Health, an online social network centered around health and wellness. I wear a pedometer and it tracks my steps (you should walk 10,000 a day!). I can log in from anywhere and set my goals, see results, track calories and even win stuff. The best part is that since its a network you friend other walkers and you can compete with them or offer them advice and support.

Tune in Sunday morning for our 9AM show on NBC4. If you have questions for Darrell let me know too! See ya in the morn.

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