'DC Cupcakes' Premier, Creator Talks Pitchin' Your Biz

 From representing Georgetown Cupcake to landing it it’s own show…  4-time Emmy Award winning producer Terence Noonan wows Washington with insider secrets to getting your biz media buzz.

WATCH: Terence Noonan Speaks to NACE

For 2 hours he captivated a sold-out crowd from the National Association of Catering Executives giving them the skinny to selling their brand and getting media exposure.

In addition to working on special projects Terence is currently the  Supervising Producer of The Dr. Oz Show. Below, we asked my boy ‘T’ to share some of his top tips with OMG. You’ll want to print this out.

In other news, look for the launch of his new show ‘DC Cupcakes’  will air Friday July 16th!

Terence’s Top 3 Tips to Getting Your Biz on TV:

Tip #1: In three sentences or less, write out who you are and what you have to offer that is unique from what is already out there.

Tip #2:  Spend one week watching local and national TV– like from WUSA9 to The Today Show to Ellen. Educate yourself . Make a youtube video of yourself showing your expertise in action- let the power of the internet work for you. Insider Secret: Dr. Oz staff scours the internet when looking for potential guests for The Dr. Oz Show. 

Tip #3: Write up 3 pitches. Make sure they have a hook and think visual.  It’s all about the tease.. so fill in the blank when thinking of your pitch: “When we come back ___________” 

BONUS:  Come up with 3 stories form your life that you can use for interviews. Being a ‘relatable’ guest will make you more appealing to producers and the people booking the shows.

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One Response to “'DC Cupcakes' Premier, Creator Talks Pitchin' Your Biz”

  1. Pete says:

    I wonder how much hair is in these DC Cupcakes. I love cupcakes, women and reality television so I figured I’d love this show. The fact that these women are not hot is fine. Reality TV should be reality and how many bakeries employ beautiful women anyway?
    What I have a problem with is that these women are constantly dangling their hair over the cupcakes. I’m originally from DC and I worked in plenty of DC kitchens back in the day. Basic health department rules stipulate that when you are preparing food, and your hair is past a certain length, that you need to wear a hair net or a hat.
    Maybe the producers are telling them not to wear hats during filming for esthetic reasons. But ladies, for gosh sakes, when you are near or prepping the food, please wear a hat. Until then, I wouldn’t recommend anybody eat anything at this Georgetown bakery. That is, unless you like you pulling a 3 foot piece of hair out of your mouth. Yuck!

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