Defending the Housewives of DC (Video)

I’ve never seen one episode of any of Bravo’s Housewives shows… but I plan to tune in for the Housewives of DC. I’m amazed at how much backlash the gals/show is getting before it even airs. Come on people this is entertainment. You know what the Housewives franchise is all about.. so there’s no need to act surprised. In all reality it’s kinda neat we’ll get to see some familar faces and places on the small screen. For those who say these ladies are far from ‘Real’ … C’mon. Gimme a break. They’re real people who really live in the metro area (how many of you Virginians out there say ‘DC’ when outsiders ask you where you’re from?!?). I found out they also have human kids too. All of this hype and hate has me mumbling a phrase I’ve used often in the newsroom over the years: ‘It’s just TV’

Watch Housewives of DC Trailer Below. Show airs Aug 5th 9pm on Bravo

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2 Responses to “Defending the Housewives of DC (Video)”

  1. Ihaveanopinion says:

    All the Housewife shows have a couple of posers or unbearable beasts in the mix, no reason for us to think this will be any different! We’re aware it’s television/entertainment. But something always comes out about these people that tells something they left out or show what they’re REALLY about (nothing in some cases). We’re entertained by the fact that people think themselves more than what they portray on these shows and that’s why we watch, to figure out the posers and cheer with glee when the resident bitch of the cast gets put on blast later in the papers!

    Yeah, entertainment indeed! :)

  2. pattyrowland says:

    i don’t watch any of them eithe angie but do plan to tune in for a few episodes of the dc show…i think it will be cool, especially since i got to meet michaela at the metromix halloween party last year!

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