Down south and celebrating

There’s nothing like getting together with old pals to celebrate a big milestone. One of my BFF’s from my reporting days in South Carolina is going to be saying “I do” this summer. What better place to get to know the “new man” than in the place where so many of her great friendships and memories were made. We gathered in Columbia South Carolina to celebrate Heather and Joe! A nice surprise, Redskin Kedric Golston and kids were there. He’s from the area and was visiting family. He’s also good friends with one of our hosts so that’s how that all came full circle. Old friends and new friends… in the good ole’ spirit of the south everyone was welcomed!

The happy couple!

Susan-Elizabeth, Sarah, Angie and HB

My berry cute baby!

Kedric… we won’t hold that shirt against you

Someone caught stealing the appetizers!

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  1. pattyrowland says:

    very nice angie! you know how i feel about my skins – on or off the field! xoxoxox

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