Escaping North Korea

When I met Mike Kim and learned his story I was blown away. This was a guy who had a successful financial planning business.. had a new promotion.. a bright future ahead and he have it all up. It was a decision he made after a visit to China. It was originally just to see the country.. the Great Wall among other things. Then he met a girl who changed his life. She was 16.. from North Korea.. and had been sold across the border to a 50 year old Chinese man as a sex slave. After his return to the US Kim decided to return to the border and with friends help North Koreans find their freedom by using a modern 6,000 mile underground railroad to escape. Here is his story…

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  1. tricia says:

    oh! I am guessing it is video…will check on a pc or imac instead of he ipad….I wanted o read the story but couldn’t see anything! sounds so interesting!

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