Facebook: Your stalker list

Imagine the horror: A list of all the people you stalk on facebook revealed. If it happened would you be embarrassed?  It wouldn’t be so bad to know as long as no one else can see it. Well now you can.

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According to TheKeesh.com you can drag the  Facebook Friends link to your browser’s bookmark bar. Then log on to Facebook and click the bookmarklet and BAM your “most stalked” are revealed. I did this in 5 minutes.

I was gonna post my screen save of it but then I realized some of my friends may think I’m a freak considering their ranking on my list.

PS: Hurry up, who knows when Facebook discovers this capability and yanks it.


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2 Responses to “Facebook: Your stalker list”

  1. I would really be embarrassed and if it’s really possible, hope nobody else will know it but me!

  2. MRR article says:

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