Fish juice in the face!

And I have to admit as gross as it was.. I loved it! It was great getting a laugh out of the whole family as we pulled our cane pole over the bridge to see our winning catch.. only to have it hit me in the face.

We woke up early this past weekend for a little fishing trip at Lake Fairfax. The sun was bright and the fish were biting. Adora caught her first fish too with the help of Papa. These are the times I can’t wait to look back on. It also makes me think back to when I was small. I remember going fishing as a child and being totally grossed out by the worms. I still am.

Lake Fairfax is a cool place. At noon on weekends you can take the flat boat out to tour the lake or take the kids for a ride on the old fashion carousel. There is also a water park next door– but get there before they open the line gets out of control!

My nephew and mom feed the birds

Caelyn’s first catch!!

Admiring someone elses big catfish catch

Kimchi, seaweed and rice balls.. the perfect picnic food

Lake Fairfax

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3 Responses to “Fish juice in the face!”

  1. Tricia says:

    this is awesome!!!!!! it was so fun!!!!

  2. PaPa & (NaNa) says:

    And A Good Time Was Had By Everyone!!!
    The Kids will always Remember Times
    Like That !!!
    Nothing is More Finer than A Family
    Outing at the Lake with Good Eats !!!
    We Love You’ll,
    PaPa & (NaNa)

  3. Tybois says:

    I love going fishin’. 🙂 Never catch much when I do, but it is always a fun time regardless. 🙂

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