Getting into the Spooky Spirit

Call it commercialism but I’m a true sucker for holidays. To me it’s another reason to celebrate something and now that I have kids it’s even more fun. I enlisted the help of my 2 1/2 year old in decorating for Halloween. A quick trip to Michael’s and we were set. If you’re into DIY holidays… then be sure to check out all the cool ideas here on Pinterest. Meanwhile, here’s a look at our quick creepy decor job.

I put a couple of these hologram portraits up. They look normal..until…




Nothing says I love you like bloody roses


This guy glows in the dark. Adora told me “this not scary, this silly”


This was Adora’s favorite part! Putting the sticky bloody goo on the TV console


Notice the pumpkins beautifully embellished by mom’s sharpies from work


Covered the ottoman with a web tablecloth and stuck some spiders on it


I spy “It’s a Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” (still love that show)


Really cute Spider fascinator! She complained the legs were tickling her face.


The dirty work


The toughest part? Making her wait a day for the glue to dry before she could pick up Miss Pumpkin.


Craft pumpkins are great because you can just stick holes in them and insert pipe cleaners or embellishments like this little bat. We glued the spider on too.


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2 Responses to “Getting into the Spooky Spirit”

  1. Amelia Godissart says:

    you should try the cheesecloth ghosts, but wait till we have a little drier weather…the fabric stiffener doesn’t work as well on rainy days…

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