Getting Real with Al Roker

What a delight! Weather funny man Al Roker joined us in studio to talk about his amazing weight loss journey. He talked about some very personal stories that made him make a commitment to never go back to the 340 lb. man that he was.

MORE: Al’s New Book “Never Goin’ Back”

Of course along with the serious talk came a share of laughs. Al Roker rocks and continues to be such an inspiration to those who battle their weight every day.

As someone who has fought this battle throughout most of my life I could relate on so many fronts. He was funny in talking about don’t give a fat person advice.. “we know that we’re fat!’ he exclaimed.  He talked about how wanting to lose weight has to be a very personal decision.. you do it for yourself not anyone else or anything. He suggested small steps in everyday life to start out. For instance if you’re headed to his book signing at Tysons Corner tonight… he suggested to park as far away from the mall as possible and make the walk.

Watch our interview below:

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