Have you ever tried pig's feet

Chin's spicey/garlic pigs feet

As a child I remember eating them dipped in a salt mix we’d get from “back gate” when we lived in Hannam Village. Hannam was US territory in Seoul Korea although it wasn’t on the ARMY base. When you went “back gate”  you left the village into real Korea. We loved it ’cause for 100 Won (about a quarter) we jumped on trampolines for 10 mins… so high we could see over the brick wall that separated the two worlds.

My chingoos (friends in Korean) could agree back then you could get a lot for 100 won. Things like spicey korean rice cake (duk-boki) and cooked flavored sugar on a stick that melted in your mouth upon impact.

[Picture: Enjoying them last night, flavored by Chin with spicey sauce and garlic. Below: Playing on the monkey bars on a playground in Hannam Village in the 80’s]

Hannam Village

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12 Responses to “Have you ever tried pig's feet”

  1. Lisa says:

    angie that is kinda yucky.

  2. CAT says:

    Members Only, trampolines and pigs feet. A recipe for disaster! 😉

  3. Angie

    So I take it the pig’s feet are an appetizer?

    I hope that you will commandeer your Mom into doing a segment on gourmet Korean cooking. Like Saewoo Boekum (barbequed prawns), which I love!


  4. Michelle says:

    Love it! Not the pigs feet, but your story of Korea!

  5. Eric says:

    Pigs feet are OK. Many in my family enjoy them and it’s way from exotic in the African American southern communities. Cool story.

  6. QtheHero says:

    Uh..UH.. My Moms used to cook pigs feet about 3 times a year. There were at least 3 times a year I did not get dinner lol.

  7. Kris Olson says:

    Just wanted to say that was a very entailed child hood memory. I lived in G 807 85-89 I remember those days like they were yesterday. Anyone want to remember the times. 253-815-4793

  8. Jennifer James says:

    I am loving you right now. I’m 33 and was born in Seoul to two Army parents. We lived in Hannam Village for almost seven years and one of my most favorite memories was those trampolines. They were the BEST! Not to mention butterfly nets and those chalk tablets that you could get for cheap and carve pictures on them. I will never forget climbing the stairs to the back gate and how the playgrounds would flood when it rained. Thank you SO much for this story that I “found” that shows me I’m not alone in the memories.

    Missing the Back Gate

  9. Kristina says:

    Oh my, the memories of “back gate”! Here I was reminiscing on all the times I sat in those little covered huts as a child to eat tteokbokki and yaki mandu (the long, flat deep fried ones) and came across your blog in search of current pictures of Hannam Village. I remember those trampolines you described very well…as well as the cooked sugar that turned into something similar to hot, chewy caramel on a stick. My family was in Seoul in the mid-80s and lived in H building. Good times I tell ya, good times! 🙂

    • admin says:

      So cool Kristina.. I was there from 83-86 and again form 90-95! maybe our paths have crossed before!

      • Kristina says:

        Oh wow, my family was there from 87-89, right in-between your stay (meant to say late 80s in previous comment, not mid-80s). We were there during the Olympics and I still have a pair of the Hodori 1988 Seoul Olympic commemorative spoons! I was hoping by chance our paths had crossed. 🙂

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