Judge Angie… really?

Don’t worry… I won’t be mediating anything in a courtroom. Instead, I get to help pick who wears the next crown for Washington!

I never competed in pageants but I have to admit I love watching them. Miss America  is especially one of my faves– you’ve got to have a talent to compete in that one. Plus a lot of my girlfriends have competed in the internationally famous competition to include TV gal pals Natasha Curry, Leanza Cornett and Tara Wheeler.

Of course “the interview” is vital. What question would you want me to ask the future Miss DC?

Below, it’s obvious I’m not fit for a crown

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3 Responses to “Judge Angie… really?”

  1. tricia says:

    Ask them what four components make up the Grand Unified Theory and which linkages have evaded physicists and mathemeticians since discovering them-

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