Korean 'Jersey Shore' Cast

A reality show that digs at my roots. I already love it.

The cast for K-Town has been set… an Asian-American reality show features 4 guys, 4 girls. According to Channel APA a pilot episode was shot this past weekend and involved heavy drinking, lotsa food and drama for your oh-ma . That’s mom in Korean.

More shots from the shooting of the pilot.. all I can say is I was born and raised in South Korea.. and never saw a native like this

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5 Responses to “Korean 'Jersey Shore' Cast”

  1. Laura Carlson says:

    Love it!

  2. xxAngie says:

    two words: HONEY PIG

  3. Markette says:

    Hey Angie! At Vanessa’s house and we are on your blog checking out K-town… can’t wait to watch it! BTW< CONGRATS!!!!!

    M (and V)


  4. xxAngie says:

    M and V… hope you gals are well and keeping those heels moisturized 😉

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