Lady Time in Middleburg

With AOII sister Chelsea!

It was picture perfect (minus the windchill!). I rolled up to the gorgeous Briar Patch Bed and Breakfast in historic Middleburg Virginia.

Gorgeous hills… ponies and snow flurries criss crossing against the windshield. I walked into the banquet hall to find a packed house… that exuberated such warmth and welcome.

PHOTOS: Middleburg Womens Luncheon

I had the chance to talk about my journey and the challenges along the way. We shared a few laughs and some fantastic food. Most of all I got to meet some of Northern Virginia’s most incredible women. They are moms, grandmas, entrepreneurs, new business leaders… it was truly inspiring. I was also thrilled to see so many friends come out to support me. Thank you to Ellen Goldberg for the invitation and celebrating women leaders in the community. Cheers to all our ups and downs to come… and realizing that there are no short cuts to success! PS– remember it’s ok to break the rules every now and then if you have to.. 😉

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  1. I still find it hard to believe you had been up since 2:30AM that day! Always so vibrant! Great seeing you!

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