My first baby gift- from Dr. Oz!

Dr. Oz was one of the first people to find out I was preggers. 

When he got back to New York he sent me his new book YOU: Having a Baby with a personalized little congrats inside!

I’ve been reading it for the last couple months and recommend it for any future mom. His fun illustrations are so hilarious and he debunks many pregnancy myths- yes ladies you can dye your hair! Thanks Dr. O!

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4 Responses to “My first baby gift- from Dr. Oz!”

  1. pattyrowland says:

    aw, how sweet! i’m sure you will get plenty of advice angie…you will be a great mom…you have such a wonderful, giving spirit…congrats my friend! xoxooxox

  2. xxAngie says:

    thanks patty! I am really looking forward to it!

  3. Vangie says:

    Perfect gift w/helpful information. Sounds fun and interesting!

  4. xxAngie says:

    I ran into my fellow preggers friend too and she’s getting the book also! It’s just has some amusing facts and illustrations! Thanks Vangie!

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