New kids book encourages “diet”

Been wanting to write about this. Check out this new book that Barnes & Noble recommends for kiddos 6-12. It’s called Maggie Goes on  Diet and shows an overweight girl holding a small dress and looking into a mirror. Her reflection is a skinny Maggie.

The story of the 14-year-old takes her from being overweight to exercising and eating right to losing weight and becoming a soccer star at school. Good habits start early so I can see why a story like this could inspire someone to try to lead a healthier life. Critics says it sends the wrong message with the picture of Maggie holding the small dress. They say it puts more emphasis on being “skinny” rather than “healthy.”

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3 Responses to “New kids book encourages “diet””

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  2. Matthew Kelly says:

    I think is HORRIBLE making the problem that it always is

  3. busdriver179 says:

    Oh, please. Have we not learned anything? Yes, be healthy. But sometimes genetics are against you and you are going to be a bit chubby. At 12, girls are changing. They don’t need the pressure being put on them. And if you start them at 3 or 4 eating right, then it will carry over for life.

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