Oh Snap! Social Safeway Gala

Finally!  The construction is over and the new Social Safeway is here. The opening of the Georgetown grocery store such a big deal even former President Bill Clinton sent a letter to be read at the ceremony. This place is awesome… so much so it may be my weekly stop for produce and sushi on the way home from work to home in Virginia. I couldn’t find anyone more excited about the shop’s completion than my hot date Carissa Maguire who lives just a block from the store. (she returned this morning cause she couldn’t get enough) Between the ‘Safeway’ step n repeat, the rockin’ band near the cafe’ bar and incredible swag- wine and groceries in an eco friendly shopping tote, it was  a night that had DC dancin’ down the aisles.

Carissa eats sushi!

CBS News’ Nancy Cordes due in 1 week and husband!

 WJLA’s Brandis Griffith Friedman and Abby Fenton

Safeway’s Tawanna who is also a 9NEWS morning show fan!

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2 Responses to “Oh Snap! Social Safeway Gala”

  1. Emily says:

    Looks like a great event! I always shop at Whole Foods and I forgot to pick up salad on my last shopping trip…so I had to “run to Safeway” around the corner to get it. Safeway has done an incredible job keeping up with the organic “green” movement. I was really impressed. I will definitely make more trips to the store to support the store that has fed me from…well, day 1! 🙂 Great post Ang! XoX

    • xxAngie says:

      Seriously! Safeway has SO impressed me in recent years. I go there first usually too! Miss you MLEstyle! xx

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