Operation Convert (to twitter)

So I had a really great time visiting with resident of Riderwood in Silver Spring this week. I was invited to come and speak about how social media is changing and shaping news. I talked about how we use these new tools to help tell stories and add new dimensions. I also tried to drive home how it’s important it is for our viewers to get on board. Now more than ever you have a voice in what we cover and how we cover it. Journalism is no longer a one way street. A man named Bob asked me why we never report on all this growing petitions online that seem newsworthy. It was the perfect question because in the last week someone tweeted me a link to a white house petition.. I sent it to producers and we ended up using it on-air during our show. I also told them how cool their grandkids would think it was if they saw gramps on twitter 🙂 Overall it was a lovely experience and I’ve since learned their computer lab is going to host a twitter “how to” class to show residents how to tweet! I LOVE THIS STUFF!


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