Prom Queen Crowned in Hospital

When I heard about how the Prom King and Queen crowning went at Lake Braddock Secondary my heart was touched. Everyone was talking about it after the King Justin Um posted a picture of him with the Queen, girlfriend Shelley Mills.
Usually the crowing is the highlight of the big dance full of anticipation and excitement. But at Lake Braddock the moment was emotional. After Justin was crowned King he walked off stage during the commemorative slow dance. He then hailed a cab to the hospital where Shelley was being treated for bad abdominal pain. He walked into her room and presented her the sash and crown. Justin says she started to feel better and it turned out to be the best prom a guy could ask for. This after… he did a highway campaign to ask Shelley to the prom with him!

After posting the picture on Facebook.. the royal couple was inundated with responses and well wishes.  Just saw Shelley is in the hospital again.. according to her twitter page.


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