Samoa Cookie as a cake?

We celebrated my father’s 60th birthday with the things he’s grown to love the most: family and Korean food! He also is a big fan of cookies… and like most Americans will never turn down a good Girl Scout treat. My sister Tricia is an excellent cook and baker and is always up for trying new recipes. After she saw this Samoa cookie inspired cake.. she thought the big birthday was a perfect day to give it a try. In the end my dad approved and even had a nice hibiscus shirt to match the theme! Happy Birthday DAD!

with birthday papa and cousin Caelyn

I'm the best grandbaby

The big Samoa

The big samoa by Tricia

The best gift— um homemade deodorant by Tricia. ew



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2 Responses to “Samoa Cookie as a cake?”

  1. PaPa & (NaNa) says:

    Thanks Angie,
    I just hope Patricia took all the calories
    out of it !!! Ha ! Ha !
    And “A Well Done” for Your Dad’s
    Birthday !!! I’m sure He was in “Hog
    Heaven” All of His “Girls & Grandkids”
    there with Him !!!
    Love You,
    PaPa & (NaNa)

  2. Jenny & Knox says:

    Ang- thanks for posting! 🙂 I’m so glad you guys liked the cake! That was the best recipe ever! Love you!

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