So Cherry!

In celebration of the Cherry Blossom Festival we dropped in to the annual Pink Tie Party. I matched green with the theme..donning pink blossoms!

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13 Responses to “So Cherry!”

  1. pattyrowland says:

    beautiful dress angie…look’n great as always!!! xoxoxoox

  2. ray johns says:

    Spring is here! Three harbingers of the start of Spring is the first robin red-breast sighting; the cherry trees blossoming ; and the lovely TrafficAngie posing in the vibrant colors of her newest Spring fashion .

  3. Angela says:

    That is a gorgeous dress! Silk is a beautiful thing. You look marvelous as usual. I need to start making jewelry again 🙂 I’m teaching again and I love teaching, so feeling happier I think I should have more creativity now to go back to making jewelry. Angie, I think you have a matching necklace and earrings in your future to match that dress :)!

    Hugs as usual~
    ~Angie (the other one 🙂

  4. You look absolutely stunning!!!

  5. jennifer harlow says:

    Angie, you look beautiful…did you really just have a baby? Hot stuff! XoXo

  6. tricia says:

    That dress is gorgeous!!!! I can’t believe you can get into it already! You look great!

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