Throwing a “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” Birthday Party

My daughter turned 3 and now that she’s in school and has girlfriends we decided to do an all girls party! A couple of my friends had done a Breakfast at Tiffany’s theme and thought it was so cute. With the help of event planning mom Katie Wells with Petite Social we came up with a fun and fabulous party just for the little ladies! Activities included digging for diamonds, balloon art, face painting and even a visit from Santa Claus! Party notes are at the end of the post.
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photo 5 photo 6 photo 7 photo 8 IMG_8172 IMG_8173 IMG_8181 IMG_8182 IMG_8185 IMG_8188 IMG_8203 IMG_7841 IMG_7872 bob adora bdayPARTY NOTES:
Event Styling – Katie Wells from Petite Social,
Event Photography – MoxieSox Photography,
Event Photography – Scen2bSeen,
Party Printables – Pepper Avenue,
Face Painting, Balloon Art- Dee Vincey,
Cake, Cake Pops, Cookies – Fresh Bakes,
Catering- St Germaine Catering,
If you have specific questions about props, decor, etc just leave a comment or message me on Facebook

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34 Responses to “Throwing a “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” Birthday Party”

  1. George Appanar says:

    Wow, you really lost me with this one.

    I’d highly recommend talking to people who’ve successfully raised children – particularly daughters – on a regular basis. This might seem cute but it’s really not at all under the circumstances, not the least of which is a 3 year old who has no idea what BAT is but is already able to reason and process enough to start banking decisions her parents will make over the coming years.

    There’s a lot to consider about the mind of a three year old, how we bring girls into the world, etc. that’s just completely being overlooked here. My guess is this was fun for you and congratulations on that front, but if it’s a parenting mindset it’s a disaster in the works. It amazes me how many people miss this stuff, and again I’d suggest friending a number of people who’ve raised independent, self sufficient children – specifically girls since there’s some stereotype work to overcome there – and really ingest their feedback.

    This post is blowing up on Facebook for all the wrong reasons.

    • admin says:

      Thanks George for the feedback. You’re definitely entitled to your opinion although your suggestion that I’m not raising an independent, self sufficient child couldn’t be farther from the truth. Thank you for recommending I find some new friends– but I’m actually confident and happy with the great ones I have now. Thanks for chiming in, always appreciate the views of others even when I don’t agree with them.

      • George Appanar says:

        Hmm, not sure if I said your current friends are bad. There’s no way that can be inferred at all from this.

        What I think I was alluding to is the need to ensure there are some folks around who’ve already gone through this and have dealt with the ramifications of actions they’ve taken and seen. Sadly, in many ways raising a girl to be a woman is far more subtle and challenging than raising a boy to be a man.

        This one’s blowing up on Facebook by folks who’ve linked to it: not because everyone’s excited about taking these great 3 year old party tips and using them, but because the original poster and the series of responders have reactions ranging from something like “this is ridiculous to project onto a 3 year old who can’t even make their own decisions” to softer comments about the over the top nature and cost (those being closer to the snark reserved for folks like Gwyneth Paltrow and her blog).

        Understand that some of this comes from living in an area where parents are far more cerebral and active about the parenting experience and implications than most anywhere.

        By no means is the entirety of your parenting going to be based on this decision, nor were my comments intended to imply this – rather the statement is more often than not decisions like these are highly implicative of an approach. There will always be people who will agree with the “isn’t that cute” approach to things like this (and we definitely did things that fall into that category like dressing our daughter as a flower in a pot when she was 2), but that’s a far distance from projecting the fantastical world of BAT on a child who has yet to reason but is definitely processing the decisions of her parents.

        Though I understand you disagree with what I’m saying here, I promise you it won’t take a ton of asking to find real world examples of what I’m attempting to convey amongst those around you with teenaged (or older) daughters, and experience always has more far more value than self confidence.

        Thank you for reading.

        • Ann Belin says:


          I don’t know you and you don’t me but I was super intrigued by your comments to this post. I’m a mom, designer and party planner and I’m taken aback by your presumptuousness of what message you “think” Ms. Angie is sending by throwing a party that showcases “girly” things like diamonds and that famous store called Tiffany’s. As a parent is it your individual responsibility to set the tone for what “reality” and “make believe” are. Even if you can afford fine things!! I throw lavishly themed parties for my daughter because I love her and want to celebrate her AND, I’ve been given a gift from God called creativity. All that said, I must still do my absolute best to teach my child patience, sharing, generosity, and even what going without means sometimes, no- a lot of times. On the other hand, the memories she will have to look back upon will be treasured forever. I’m upset that you attempted to “redirect” this mom to what might be “better” in your opinion. I’m sorry, but I just don’t understand it. You are a bit too deep for your own sake.

        • Lilly says:

          I completely agree with you George. As a mother of a four year old girl in Northern Virginia, I’m beside myself! A three year old could careless about Breakfast at Tiffany’s let alone know what Tiffany’s is, this party was clearly not for the little girl; perhaps it was a battle for the title Mrs. Jones.

          Its all about perspective and the foundation/example you want to set for your child’s overall psychology. If I want my kids to think Tiffany’s and swanky designed cookies with their names on them is important in life, then well, I guess this is the perfect party! Forget imagination, or exploration, or a simply purposeful down to earth event!

          This party is completely ridiculous and some what offensive PERIOD. I saw those pictures and naturally thought about all the children out there who suffer daily because they’re basic needs can’t be met; while these folks throw extravagant birthday parties for their toddlers and then showcase them in the local media. Serious and sickening problem in our society today.

          I wonder what they will choose as a theme next year… Vegas?

          • Ann Belin says:

            You both are getting hung up on “Tiffany’s”….so what that she doesn’t know what it is. Bottom line is that the brand represents beauty, high-end luxury, and poise. I don’t see a problem. What if the theme were snails, monsters, or toads? would it still be a problem? Probably not….let people spend money on what they want to spend money on and pick what “they” want for “their” child. Again, I do the same style of parties but most assuredly know that I’m not raising a spoiled brat. If this is not for you then it’s okay. You just don’t have the right to bash someone else’s desire to do so and assume they have missed the “morals of life” boat as a parent.

          • admin says:

            Thanks for chiming in. I do think if you ask questions rather than make assumptions you would have a different perspective.
            1) A battle of Mrs. Jones? Seriously. Considering a lot of my friends helped me plan it and I’m helping others with ideas for their kids I think all of them would agree that’s a ridiculous statement. If you’ve gotta try to up anyone in your circle of friends– well I guess you can’t really call them friends can you. Sorry– I think that behavior checked out in middle school.
            2) She’s 3. She ate her cookie so fast she didn’t even know what it said. Have you been to GIANT? I’ve seen swankier cookies there. Some EVEN have princesses on them. My goodness– what will this do to her pschye? Nice stretch.
            3) Imagination, exploration? Welcome to my life. It’s obvious you don’t follow my personal blog and daily adventures with my children. Clearly you have based your opinion on one post. If you knew anything about us you would know I spend my days scouring this region for fun and FREE things to do with my kids. We sponge painted our Christmas ornaments.. we go ghost hunting at Halloween on the W&OD trail .. oh and we just bought a bunch of stuff at Big Lots to make our first gingerbread house together. Your more than welcome to join us for a playdate — so you can see just how creative fun and down to earth we are.
            4)Sorry if your offended.
            5) I too think about those less fortunate.. less healthy than us. In fact I think about them all the time. Which is why when I’m not working full-time or trying to raise 2 kids I volunteer and support groups that give back to our area. It’s also why we donate monthly to help those less fortunate.
            6) Showcase in local media– check the url– this is my personal blog. (Thanks for reading btw)
            7) I’m not a big fan of Vegas either.
            8) My final note for you: I’m sure you’re a great mom.. I think most are. We love our kids, we would die for our kids. The one thing I learned early when I became a parent is that everyone has an opinion when it comes to raising their children. Some sit on the sidelines and talk about it while others are more vocal and have no problem speaking out. Online forums are fueled by that which is probably how you ended up here. As I respond to your comments.. I can’t help but think about my big belief in women lifting up other women. It’s a culture I try to breed among my friends as well as at home. Sometimes I think we should give each other a little more credit– especially in situations where we don’t know everything and find ourselves immediately reactive. It’s hard I know– I’ve been there. But I’ve also learned going the other way– is just the easy way out.

  2. Pearl S says:

    You had a fun, cute, girly party where Adora and her friends got to dress up and have fun. It was also entertaining and fun for the parents too I’m sure! So many aspects of this party is original and I’m glad you got to capture these precious moments on camera. I’m even happier that you chose to share this intimate moment with us as well. I may take some of these ideas for my next party šŸ˜‰

    As far as the commenter above…Adora probably won’t remember any aspect of this party. I know I don’t remember any of my birthday parties growing up. šŸ™‚ But when she looks back as an adult and sees the love and care that you took to make sure her birthday was special–whether you had a professional party planner or not, I guarantee that she will always treasure that. In my opinion you are doing what you can to make sure she knows how loved she is. Just because you have the resources to pull together an amazing party doesn’t make you more or less of a mother than someone who shops for decorations at party city.

    I see that not just in these pictures of this party, but in every post on your blogs, instagram, etc. that you truly love your children…God bless your family always.

    • admin says:

      Pearl thank you for your kind comment! Oh and a lot of it was from Party City and some of the stuff I had fun making with my daughter šŸ™‚

  3. Party attendee says:

    Angie we had the most wonderful time at the party and think Geoge needs to worry about his own parenting and leave you alone. My daughter could not wait to get all dressed up and wear fake diamonds and tiaras! She may not have understood the BAT theme at 2 1/2, but I’m pretty sure she didn’t care if there was a theme as she had her face painted and ate cake with friends with a great big smile on her face. The party was absolutely lovely and the thought that her third birthday party is going to be the event that affects the woman she becomes in the future is absolutely ridiculous. Those kids had a great time and the parents did too! Cheers!

  4. melinda says:

    Oh! Miss A will get a kick looking at these pictures ….and the memories; priceless!:)

  5. enb says:

    looks like a lot of fun angie! happy birthday to adora. i always love seeing my little niece KEB skirting around photos you post. makes me happy. xo

  6. tricia says:

    The party is lovely. You are a creative person who pays immense attention to detail, who loves party planning, and your daughter loves to play dress-up. I see a party like this that appeals to the adults who attend much like I see the migration of Disney movies and educational children’s programming that include higher-level humor in order to entertain and appeal to the captive adult audience. If someone has the means to throw a party, a wedding, or any event without bankrupting themselves, Good For Them (particularly if portions of their income and energies are put toward good, worthy and helpful causes like I know your family supports.) I think if you put a bunch of cerebral, active parents in a room, you might need a referee and mediator for the spectrum of ardent opinion. You could have forgone the party or thrown it in a cardboard hut, there would have been judgement on one side of the divide or the other. Also, save that Eiffel Tower. I think it would make a highly functional coat rack for future parties. šŸ™‚

  7. Jacquelyn Stevenson Smith says:


    You are indeed entitled to your opinion, however I think this party was simply fabulous for this little girl… I’m a fifty-eight year old woman and my mom gave me and my girlfriends a tea party! Angie Goff is by far the greatest mom her kids could ever have. Your child’s birthday comes once a year and as a parent you deserve to celebrate it any way you want to. This is far from the creation of a brat I would think the total oppose of letting your child knows that he or she is special. Angie, continue to love your children and do what you are doing, you are by far an excellent mother and your kids will for certain know what love is because you continue to show love in all that you do. If this appear to be high end to some its because that is the love you give to your kids, high end love…

  8. Jenny Phillips says:

    George, get a life.

    Here is an idea. Why don’t you stop trying to focus and interact with beautiful women WAY above your pay grade (and looks) and focus on your own wife and daughter? It is in human nature to knock on what you don’t have. I personally wouldn’t do it on a permanent (and public) forum. You’re a real winner, George. Winner.

    To be fair, why don’t you post your 3-year-old daughter’s birthday party pics on your facebook page. I am sure they are stellar. I am also sure you will probably state something like “I wouldn’t subject my daughter’s pictures to a public forum..blah blah blah.” In other words, her birthday party sucked.

    In the words of George Appanar, “What I think I was alluding to”… “not sure if I said”…”what Iā€™m attempting to convey”…”My guess is”…
    You sound like a very confident man, George! Your wife and daughter a lucky women.

    Look forward to your vulnerable and defensive reply. šŸ™‚

    PS – Angie Goff, that party rocked šŸ™‚

  9. Kevin says:

    If the party had been done to such detail, only with a Disney princess theme, I’m sure grown men would stop obsessing about a 3 year old girl’s birthday party. Clearly she looks like she had a blast.

    He wrote: “Understand that some of this comes from living in an area where parents are far more cerebral and active about the parenting experience and implications than most anywhere.”

    Cerebral is making character judgements and predicting the future disposition of a child based on only photos of one birthday party?

    Get a life George.

  10. Lance says:

    Well as a follower of Angie for the past 7+ years and as a 55 year old boy I think this was a great party. In a refined way it reminds me of the parties my mother planned and threw for my brothers and I. Planned with love and with some of the best of friends in attendance, nothing could be more honest than that. I can’t wait to see the ‘boy’ themed party she gives Bob!
    Make me jealous Angie!!

  11. Mark says:

    I am taken back by the wonderful pictures of the verjaardagsfeestje (birthday party). As a matter of fact I don’t care whether it is Tiffany’s or the Vegas. All it matters is the love and affection that the parents show in arranging any kind of event for their children. Parenting is all about giving the best to your child ensuring the child does not misuse the grants given and keeps his soul rooted to humanity. A successful parent imbibes the values and morals in their child’s upbringing. How they do it is each one’s take away. I seriously enjoyed the pictures that you have shared and the tiny tots may not know what is happening but definitely a moment to cherish.

  12. GGGmommy says:

    Super cute Party!!! Where did those lovely party bags come from? Love love love all the details!

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  15. rurugood says:

    George was bored the day he posted that comment, of that I am sure.Grown man picking on a 3 year old little girl. It must be so sad in your world !!

  16. Charlie says:

    What a beautiful party! It’s thing like this that inspires people to be creative and organise an amazing DIY party that children can help and enjoy.

  17. […],,,,,,,, […]

  18. Mara says:

    im wondering how you did the tulle skirting on the table?

  19. RC says:

    Oh and one more note: I worked full time, as did my husband, and still had time to do it all ourselves for our children.

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