To be a mother…

I’m still trying to figure that out on a daily basis. All I know is that I’m more happy in my life than ever before. I’m also more tired.. but with that find I have strength I never knew existed. I think all you moms out there can relate.. and just want to say hats off to you. It’s a tough job.. and many of you are doing it while balancing many other aspects of life. Pat yourself on the back— you deserve it. PS: Do it often, you don’t need a day to tell you how much your needed and how much you do. xo

Happy Mother’s day to my incredible and fierce momma CHIN!

Spent this day with my wonderful husband and baby, Adora Kate too.

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2 Responses to “To be a mother…”

  1. PaPa & (NaNa) says:

    Stated like a “True Mom and Wife”
    Angie !!!
    The pictures are Precious !!!
    Robert : Good Job Grandson !!!

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