Turning Sick kids into Superheroes

Super Brenna... the inspiration!

Sick kids become superheroes, one cape at a time

Many of us moms do it. We follow blogs of other moms for advice, laughter and  inspiration. Sometimes the stories we read are so powerful they inspire us to act. In the case of Robyn Rosenberger… it made her want to sew.

The Seattle mom was in the midst of making superhero capes for her 1 year old son when she came across the blog about a baby girl named Brenna. Brenna was born with a rare and severe skin disease. Robyn read about the little girl’s battle including eye surgery at just 3 weeks and beating an aggressive blood infection. In Robyn’s mind, Brenna was a fighter.. she was Super Brenna.

“I realized that while my son looked cute in a cape, Brenna needed a cape.”

A smile is Super Anthony's biggest weapon in fighting hypotonia & congenital heart defects.

Touched by a total stranger Robyn reached out to Brenna’s mom through Facebook.  She asked if she could send a cape her way.

“She was ecstatic and told me that they have been calling Brenna their super hero since she was born!”

And that was the moment TinySuperheroes was also born.

Within a month Robyn’s Singer machine pumped out 80 capes. In the last two months the little colorful cloaks have empowered more than 100 kids nationwide. Many who are fighting illnesses that are undiagnosed, terminal or don’t have a cure.

How does she find them? She says it’s easy.. they find her. Social media and Facebook have  allowed TinySuperheroes to thrive and share incredible stories.

Almost all of the kids are connected to one another. Some stayed at Ronald McDonald Houses together, NICUs together, have the same disease, or became friends through social media.

“There’s Blessed by Brenna, A Very Special Case, Casen’s Crusade, Mabel’s Able, Ireland’s Journey…I’d been on Facebook for 7 years now and had never stumbled upon pages like these…and now they consume my Newsfeed!”

Once the child is comfortable in their new cape, their pictures and story are featured on Robyn’s blog. She hopes the it gives them a voice and their disability a face.

Robyn adds many of these kids have 10,000+ Likes on Facebook.. and that for most families social networking is the main source of advocacy and support.

Right now 100 more caped crusaders are in line to be featured on Robyn’s blog. When she’s not profiling these super human powers to be she’s stitching away for future heroes. Response has been so big the mom-on-a-mission has enlisted sidekicks… girlfriends that find fun in sewing around the dinner table.

“Our lives are full – full of fabric, full of typing, full of story reading, and full of so much love.”

Case by case, cape by cape… it’s this genuine power to help that’s making it easier for a little someone.. somewhere… to heal.

Bright and Bold for Heroes in Waiting!

Robyn and friends with their sewing machines

To sponsor a cape for a child or to read their extraordinary stories visit TinySuperheroes.com

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30 Responses to “Turning Sick kids into Superheroes”

  1. Kim Crawley says:

    Angie – Thank you so much for giving Tiny Superheroes a shoutout, my little boy Isaac is in one of the pictures you have included – his superhero cape is one of our prized posessions!! Isaac is most definitely a superhero :)

    • admin says:

      Kim.. I’ve heard great things about little Isaac! What a doll. So glad I can share this great story!

    • Casey says:

      Isaac is such a cutie- esp in the cape! This is such a wonderful idea, I’m telling everyone! I’d love to put the word out at my daughter’s daycare, and maybe do a sponsorship thing with work :)

  2. Marilyn says:

    Being a parent is a 24/7 job as it is. Having a child with a debilitating or terminal illness makes it a heart wrenching job even on the best of days. I hope that the support and love that these children receive from friends and people they haven’t even met make the parent’s feel a little less alone in this world. Great idea to make superhero’s out of these amazing children.

    • admin says:

      Thank you Marilyn for sharing your thoughts. I admire all the parents who face these battles alongside their children every day. They are heroes too!

  3. tricia says:

    Wow! What an incredible story and cause! Thank you for sharing this wonderful story!

  4. Courtney says:

    Thank you for a wonderful post about TinySuperheroes! So glad you are able to raise awareness about the wonderful job Robyn is doing, as well as the kinds of battles these children are fighting every day :)
    -Courtney…Brenna’s mom

    • admin says:

      Courtney.. thank you for letting me include beautiful Brenna in my story. I’ve been reading your website and wow.. what an incredible family you have. You are an inspiration to so many! Thank you!

  5. Hillary says:

    Thank you so much for writing about tiny superheroes! My daughter, Esmé, is a tiny superhero too and we are just so touched by the love that Robyn puts into this endeavor to show the world our tiny kids who are endowed with superhero strength, bravery, and determination!

    • admin says:

      I love this Hillary! They are so brave aren’t they. Here’s to you and little Esme conquering the world! Stay strong!

  6. These capes are such a gift of encouragement. Thank-you to Robyn and friends for their efforts and for redefining disability.

  7. Jenny says:

    This is such a wonderful example of how impactful a small group of people can make. I am friend’s with Isaac’s mama, and know how much they have to go through (countless medical appointments,school accommodations, making specialized food for him, supporting other mom’s and kids with medical needs). It is little groups like this that help give them the energy and strength to continue this. Isaac may have some health issues, but he is definitely one of the strongest little boys I know. Tiny Superheroes, what a perfect name.

  8. Amy Hebert says:

    Great story! I’d love to hear about some more of the kids zooming around in their capes.

  9. Jessica Marshall-Shemwell says:

    I LOVE this!! I’ve been following Isaac for some time and I love the sweet picture of him and his adorable friend Ireland. This really warms my heart. These kids are true Superheros, I can’t think of a better way to show support for thier amazing courage and character!

  10. Vickie( Prendergast) says:

    I have worked in home healthcare for 20 years and have witnessed firsthand all of the love these Tiny Superheroes radiate from their hearts..their smiles..their courage and unbelievable strength. These very special children touch countless others in so many ways,and so do their loved ones…but especially the parents.I never could have imagined all that these amazing people manage to do day in, day out.. from scheduling doctor visits,therapist appointments,nursing care,housework,meals,laundry,keeping up with medication refils and making sure all medical supplies are delivered and organized for when needed..and spending enormous amounts of time with insurance companies and it goes on and on and on…plus jobs,other children,family, friends,personal moments,alone moments..special time with children..with spouse…and still have energy to shower and shampoo their hair…and sleep.. I have observed that sleep is cut to a minimum and “sleeping in” is a treasured gift… an invaluable and much appreciated gift. These parents give and give and give and love and love and love… without them..the world wouldn’t be as bright or as blessed. It’s a package deal..much like the old saying “Behind every successful man is a woman”.. only these days I have noticed it being “Beside every little superhero is their superhero parent,parents,or loving caregiver” These are remarkable children from incredible families who inspire us all to be alittle better in some way than we were before and I think the more people know about “Tiny Superheroes” the more love will spread in this world…and that is a wonderful thing! Thank you Angie for a great story…hope you continue..!!

    • admin says:

      Wow Vickie thank you so much for this thoughtful post. I couldn’t agree with your more! Incredible kids.. from super powerful families. Thank you!

  11. Robyn says:

    Thank you all so much for your love and support for TinySuperheroes! I encourage you all to check out our blog at http://www.tinysuperheroes.com. It is through amazing people like you that we are able to empower incredible children like them! Thank you all SO much!

  12. Sarah Aaserude says:

    They are all truly super heroes!

  13. Crissy Monet says:

    my beautiful boy, Connor is one of the tiny superheroes featured on the tinysuperheroes website. what this kind sweet lady does is so amazing!! she makes kids like my sweet boy feel so special! all the kids on the website are so precious to me, i love reading each and every story and gain so much strength from these sweet souls.

  14. Melody Bell says:

    Seeing Tiny Superheroes put smiles on so many of these true superheroes faces puts a smile on my HEART!♥ I personally know Isaac who is featured in one of the above pictures~ Never met a kid like him before ☺ With all that he has been through he still lights up a room when he walks in it!

  15. Angie Bano says:

    WONDERFUL! Love this story and the whole idea!

  16. Elizabeth Ladner says:

    This is so amazing! Making children who are looked at and treated differently because of what they are facing feel so special!! I was moved by this!! So inspirational!!!

  17. Angie — Thank you for taking notice of our superheroes. My Samuel has just been given his cape. He was hesitant at first, but now loves it. I still don’t think he realizes what an inspiration he is to me and all of his family.

    Having a child with a debilitating and deadly disease is no walk in the park, for the child or the family. I am so touched by Robyn’s effort and acknowledgement.

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