Valentine Crafts for Snow-bound Kids

The kids will have a blast in the snow but at one point you gotta come in and warm up and drink some cocoa. Then what? It’s a perfect time for them to make their valentine’s for those they want to share the love with. I’ve included some that are wasy to do. You’ll just need to grab a few things while you’re at the store before the big snow hits! For more ideas on beating cabin fever including how to paint the snow check out my segment on KLG & Hoda.

You’re One in a Minion by Controlling My Chaos


Iconic LOVE art– just get a canvas, finger paint and your kids’ hand and feet!

love art

Glitter Rocks! Collect your rocks now, add glue and glitter!

glitter rocks

 You Da Bomb! By Making Memories with your Kids

da bomb1

 Star Wars: You Light Up My Day! by Keeping it Simple

starwars saber

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One Response to “Valentine Crafts for Snow-bound Kids”

  1. Your ideas were cute, and the kids should like to make them, with fun. I like the bomb one, {dynamite}, as I use to use it in my different jobs, but some people would protest this one, saying it is teaching kids to be teresits, or the likes of :(. Just a thought.
    I like seeing you on channel 4 each morning, when I can, with all of the rest of the gang there, you all are awesome. Take care, and keep smiling that pretty face of yours, as you know how to light up the viewers dat :).

    Joey K.

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