Visiting AU

From David Gregory, Mike O’Meara, Willard Scott to America Ferrera and Giuliana Rancic..many great talents have come out of American University. It was a pleasure to speak with Professor Steve Piacente’s Writing for Communication class. It was a bright bunch with some pretty diverse goals and backgrounds. They asked interesting questions about things I really had to take the time to think about. My best interview? It’s still hard to answer that one. Maybe it’s yet to come.

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Interesting note about Professor Piacente. He was a DC correspondent for the Charleston paper for almost a decade. Related to that, he published a novel titled Bella much of which takes place in South Carolina. Check out the trailer

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  1. Hallie Barnes says:

    Thank you so much for coming to our class and speaking with us! I found your story inspiring.

  2. Eleni Gill says:

    Thank you so much for visiting us, Angie! It was really great hearing about your experience and we learned a lot from you.

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