Win Tix to Screen of "Young Victoria"

yv screening

I recently caught up with Fergie, Duchess of York  about the new movie she produced The Young Victoria. Now YOU have a chance to see the striking love story about Queen Victoria’s rise to power two days before it opens in limited theaters Dec 18th. 

The first four people to comment on their favorite royal figure and why past or present win a pair!

Tuesday Dec 15, 2009
6:00 – 7:30pm   Reception at Degrees Bar at Ritz Carlton Georgetown
7:30 pm  Special Advance Screening of The Young Victoria at AMC Georgetown

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10 Responses to “Win Tix to Screen of "Young Victoria"”

  1. Monica says:

    Queen Rania is stunning and strong!

  2. Natalie says:

    My favorite is Mary, Queen of Scots partly because I’m distantly related to her and partly because she was pretty devious…she was involved with trying to assassinate Queen Elizabeth three times!

  3. xxAngie says:

    Natalie! say what.. you have royal blood.. awesome!
    I’m still madly in love with Prince William.. but my hubby is always quick to point out he is balding.

  4. My favorite royal figure has been and will always be Princess Diana. She may not have not been HRH for long, but her impact on our love and facsination with royalty was profound. I believe she was a real woman, with real life problems, but her contributions to the world and her global philanthropy should never be overlooked.

  5. KGregg00 says:

    Love the Danish Royal Family — one of the oldest monarchies and related to pretty much every other monarchy!! Glad that I have Danish heritage!

  6. Christy Lynn says:

    I’m such a junkie for British drama and love watching flicks like Pride and Prejudice, etc.

    I have to say my favorite is Princess Diana. I watched Princess Diana as a little girl and was enthralled with her fairytale lifestyle. I would daydream of having my own Prince who would sweep me off my feet! A tragic end but will always be fondly remembered by many.

  7. Caroline Miller says:

    Princess Caroline of Monaco, my mom loved her so much, now I have her name!

  8. xxAngie says:

    Christy Lynn and Caroline.. thank you so much for sharing! As of now we have given out the first four pairs to the first four commenters.. but I’m seeing if I can nab anymore! If I can I’ll be in touch. Thanks for stopping by OMG! xx

  9. Natalie says:

    I never win anything and tomorrow is my birthday so I’m even more excited to go on Tuesday!! My question…what to wear?! I’ve never been to something like this 😀

  10. Kat says:

    Princess Diana is my all time favorite I wanted to be her…just so I could wear her beautiful hats, just like my Mom did when I was little. I cried for days when we lost her. I know I’m not one of the first 4 but just in case someone can’t make it I’m in! Happy Holidays Angie love your stuff! :)

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