HB one of OMG's BFFs has landed in NYC

In broadcasting you meet some of the most incredibly talented and kind hearted people around. A former reporting colleague from my days at WIS-TV in SC who later became a close friend and bridesmaid has MADE IT!

Congratulaions to Heather Brown formerly of WCCO  in the Twin Cities! She is going to the Big Apple! Good luck at FOX’s WNYW in New York you deserve to be there! Not only are they lucky to have you… but beware dear friend you are now only a 4 hour bolt bus ride away!

ps.. don’t forget us little guys… we are so much fun don’t you remember!

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4 Responses to “HB one of OMG's BFFs has landed in NYC”

  1. Jackie Faye says:

    Good for Heather! She’ll be great!

  2. Dion C Gauthier says:

    Its about time that she make it BIG CONGRATS HEATHER

  3. Dawndy Mercer Plank says:

    And to think I’ve gotten to run many a miles with that fine newswoman. So proud of her!

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