Look who's coming to dinner

I fell madly in love with these Ladies-in-Waiting plates by Balducci. There are four different ones. There’s just something about a woman who wears a ship in her hair while having afternoon tea.  I’m having a great time outfitting the new pad, plus I finally get to break out all those monogrammed wedding gifts from more than 2 years ago!

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4 Responses to “Look who's coming to dinner”

  1. Ant Linda says:

    I love those plates ! Great for a girls afternoon get together !

  2. Barbara Bowden says:

    I hope sippy cups and baby bowls excite you too!!!! LOL
    They are pretty cool dishes tho!!!!

  3. xxAngie says:

    babs..lin.. lets have a tea party and put boats on our head!

  4. Barbara Bowden says:

    Sounds like a plan to me….. LOL

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