Flip cam or FAT cam? The morning moments you can't miss

Looks like morning co-anchor Mike Hydeck’s Flip Cam turned into a FAT cam for one!

Check out his new daily video uploads on what you DON’T wanna miss on our morning show. We’re such hams– no really– did someone say ham?!?

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10 Responses to “Flip cam or FAT cam? The morning moments you can't miss”

  1. tricia says:

    Holy Bellies, Angie! That’s a good one! She’s getting big! You look awesome!

  2. Vi says:

    Hey Angie! You look so cute!!!! I’m at work and can’t have the sound on. 🙁 Can’t wait to see you!!! yay!!!

  3. Jeffrey says:

    Holy cow batman! that’s a huge pumpkin she got there.!

  4. Alex says:

    Now I see what the talk was about in someones chatroom when a link was posted to this video where was HB why was he not in the pic oh by the way next time you all have my permission to get mr uconn back when they lose in basketball or football as payback for what he did

  5. pattyrowland says:

    that mike is a cutie!!!!! xoxoxoxox

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